• Weightlifting Tips to Protect Your Joints

  • Is Your Sleeping Position Harming Your Rotator Cuff?

  • Sprain? Fracture? How to Tell the Difference Between Injuries

  • What to Look for in Your Shoes to Avoid Knee and Ankle Injury

  • How to Play High Impact Sports Safely

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet This Summer

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Weightlifting Tips to Protect Your Joints

Healthy joints allow us to move freely and do all of the physical things we enjoy. Weightlifters and others who work out with weights are at risk of damaging their joints if they train incorrectly.

Nov 16th, 2018
Sprain? Fracture? How to Tell the Difference Between Injuries

It’s always a risky proposition to try and self-diagnose, to say the least. While we all may feel like we’re Dr. Google sometimes, it’s always best practice to see a medical professional if you’re suffering with the symptoms of an injury or illness. Let’s

Jun 23rd, 2017
How to Play High Impact Sports Safely

Exercise is critical to good health, and finding an activity you enjoy means you’re far more likely to actually exercise. But what if you enjoy a high-impact activity? Can you do it without harming your joints?

Aug 27th, 2018
Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet This Summer

Barefoot, sandals, or flip-flops, summer is the time to free your toes from the confines of shoes. However, this exposes them to a range of new hazards, from twists and sprains to blisters and foot fungus. Here are some foot-friendly tips for summer.

Jul 31st, 2018
Warning Signs of Ankle Tendonitis and Tips for Prevention

The risk of developing tendonitis, inflammation of a tendon, increases with age. Still, there are steps everyone can take to help prevent this painful condition. Read on to learn what these are, as well as, how to recognize tendonitis warning signs.

Jun 7th, 2018
Ankle-Strengthening Exercises to Avoid Injury

Ankle injuries are incredibly common but often quite preventable. Simple strategies to strengthen your ankles can prevent debilitating strains and sprains. Read on to learn some valuable exercises that can keep your ankles in tip-top shape.

May 18th, 2018
Low Impact Sports That Won’t Injure your Joints

You’re drawn to the sporty lifestyle, but running, pivoting, and pounding too much can leave your joints tired, achy, and worn down. You don’t have to give up physical activity and competition.

Apr 18th, 2018
Foods That Can Help Reduce Arthritis Pain

Living with arthritis can cause you to feel frustrated, angry, and overcome by a sense of helplessness. While arthritis pain is usually treated with medication, did you know that you can get relief naturally by making some changes to your diet?

Mar 23rd, 2018
Tips to Speed Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery

Recovery from rotator cuff surgery can seem like a long road. With the right expectations and some effort on your part, including physical therapy, you can safely recover from rotator cuff surgery faster and more efficiently than you thought possible.

Feb 15th, 2018
Tips for Healing Faster after ACL Surgery

Any surgery is daunting, but if you need ACL surgery, a complete recovery is entirely possible. By following Dr. Nickson’s post-operative instructions and these tips you can help your recovery be as smooth and fast as possible.

Jan 19th, 2018
5 Tips for Protecting Your Knees During Exercise

Knees that creak, ache, or outright hurt limit your daily activity and ability to do all the fun things you enjoy. Don’t let a bum knee hold you back. Stay active, but protect your knees during exercise to keep this joint healthy.

Jan 4th, 2018
Eight At-Home Plantar Fasciitis Remedies

One of the most common reasons why a person will visit an orthopedist is because of heel pain. Plantar fasciitis (PF) is the #1 reason why pain occurs chronically underneath the heel.

Dec 7th, 2017
What are the Most Common Ankle Problems?

A person may experience ankle pain if the muscles, tendons, ligaments, tendons, or bones in the area became damaged or inflamed. Pain in the ankle is often experienced alongside other symptoms.

Oct 26th, 2017
How to Recover from Shoulder Bursitis

One of the most common forms of shoulder pain is shoulder bursitis. Let’s look at what a bursa is and how it relates to bursitis and shoulder anatomy. Then we will go through 8 steps for recovery.

Oct 11th, 2017
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